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What is the raw material composition of NdFeB magnets?

What is the raw material composition of NdFeB magnets?

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概要: ThemainrawmaterialsofNd-Fe-Bmagnetsarerareearthmetalneodymium,metalelementironandnonmetallicelementboron(sometimesaddingaluminum,cobalt,praseodymium,dysprosium,terbium,gallium,etc.),thegeneralexpressi

The main raw materials of Nd-Fe-B magnets are rare earth metal neodymium, metal element iron and nonmetallic element boron (sometimes adding aluminum, cobalt, praseodymium, dysprosium, terbium, gallium, etc.), the general expression is Re2TM14B (RE=Nd, Pr, Dy TM=Fe, Co).

NdFeB magnet three component permanent magnet material is made of Nd2Fe14B compound, and its composition should be similar to that of Nd2Fe14B compound. However, when the ratio of Nd2Fe14B is completely distributed, the magnetic properties of the magnet are very low or even non-magnetic. It is only in the actual magnets that the content of Nd and B is more than the content of Nd and B of the Nd2Fe14B compound (i.e. the formation of neodymium rich phase and boron rich phase) can obtain better permanent magnetic properties.

Matrix Nd2Fe14 phase

The phase is the main phase of the magnet, the percentage of its volume (which is basically fixed after the ingot is finished) determines the remanence (Br), the maximum magnetic energy product ((BH) m) of the magnet, and the orientation of the magnetic field is to realize its arrangement and distribution so that the magnetized axis (C) of this molecular structure is arranged in an orderly direction in order to achieve a higher magnetic energy. .

Rich B phase

The rich B phase exists in the matrix with a certain compound. It is a nonmagnetic phase and is generally harmful to the magnetic energy, but it is easy to break the ingot with the existence of the rich B phase.


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